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9 definitions by kingjt13

Was president of united states before Obama.
Critized by idiots who forgot congress is just as much to blame.
Scape goat for American people.
man 1:DUDE! George W. Bush is such a bad president.
man 2:didn't you vote for him?
man 1: Yea but he still sucks!
man 2: You do know congress has to accept everything he does so they're just as much to blame.
man 1:No they're not it's just Bush!
man 2: Ooookkkk... What ever
by kingjt13 February 16, 2009
*New president of USA mainly due to black voters voting for him because he's black.
*Has no experience what-so-ever
*Will surrender quicker than the french ever could when conflict arises.
man 1:Barack Obama's president our economy will thrive now!
man 2: yea but terrorist will run right over us.
by kingjt13 February 14, 2009