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3 definitions by kingjo

A huge mound of pubic hair over a mans unit that has never been trimmed. A massive puff of pubes that resembles in size and shape to a buffalo's enormous head.
Jerry; Ho' shit!! Did you see Dave's buffalo head? His dick looked like a tiny tounge under all that shit!!

Ken; Yeah I saw that Buffalo Head... Wish I hadn't.
by kingjo August 20, 2007
The sweat the gathers around a mans balls and crotch during hot and humid weather.
Jimmy; Damn dude, it sure is a hot one.

Kendall; Yeah man, These nuthuggin jeans sure don't help! pretty soon they're gonna be soaked in nut soup!
by kingjo August 20, 2007
A nickname for any money grubbing hoe named Bridget.
Bridget;"I think that you should take me to the zoo, after you take me for lunch."

Kendall;" Hey BIRDSHIT, I think you should hop the fuck out of the car."
by kingjo August 23, 2007