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The act of hooking up with the Fat and or Ugly Girl who is going to tell her hot friend she can't hook up with your buddy. You know, that one nasty chick who is all bitchy right up to the time she realizes she is actually gonna get laid, then she is suddenly cool.
"Buddy, will you jump the grenade and start giving that nasty chick some attention before she claims she has to go home?" "Yeah but if I have to stick in her butt again I'm gonna be pissed"!!!
by kinghog July 15, 2008
A chick that has rough miles on her and is worn down: as in worn Down To the Ground.
Jenny saw Tomek with this chick and I asked her what she looked like and she was all: She was D to the G. I am like, "what is that" She is all "worn Down to the Mutha Effin Ground"
by kinghog July 28, 2006
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