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Stoofd, verb, to mess up, big time
to do something terribly or to fail when trying to impress someone. usually said in a drepressed way.
person 1: damn i misspelled depressed in my definition
person 2: you stoofd
person 1: stfu.

person 1:i stoofd this badly
by kingfroggy August 12, 2007
to earn money by owning the ass off someone.
Dave: hey johnny whats ur saturday job?
Johnny: i play darts for cash
Dave: you are awesome at darts!
Johnny: i know, i gotta pwnwage
by Kingfroggy August 30, 2007
didnt win any war they ever fought in on their own.
Gallic wars, Hundred years war, Italian wars, wars of religion, thirty years war etc. basically France lost/tied/asked for help in every war fought in.
by KingFroggy June 22, 2007
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