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the illest motha fucka this side of the mississippi he beats people up just b/c he feels like it, he slaps people with meat, but i have to agree he isn't to good with the ladies.... and oh yeah he is really good at writing hit records for example the pregnant girl song, Lil Jimmy crapped his pants, A.I.D.S.
yo did u see kingersplash the otehr day run over that alligator in his jeep
by kinger splash February 22, 2005
this guy claims to love his wife but he always rapes his sons brian and stinky not joe though b/c he is cool. he makes brain suck his cock while stinky eats out his asshole... his wife likes the pussy as well
why is toad's dad a son fucking wierdo
by kinger splash February 06, 2005
the most sloppy man on the planet earth not only is he sloppy but clumsy, smelly and a virgin. He usually trips over his own two feet while he is eating a taco that is all over
also see perma-virgin
jason issac comack is the orginal Sloppy McSlop
by kinger splash February 06, 2005
the worst rapper on the face of the earth she is ugly not talented and she should just go away... if she was on a plane and it crashed i would be happy... fuck missy elliot
Missy Elliot was in a plane with Jared from subway and it went down today..."Wow thats awesome, lets have a party"
by kinger splash February 07, 2005

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