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Term given to the act of anally ramming someone. This can be physical (anal sex/gay rape) or merely psychological (in that the ramming is performed via words, social networking etc)
The latter tends to aggravate spectators more as it is a wholly warped and embarrassing way of attempting to make friends or stimulate a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.
One of the most hilarious technique of bumming is unanimously the 'facebook bum'. This occurs between two people over the social networking site, and can involve anything from a poke war to a full scale conversation on eachothers walls, ending in variations of 'loveee yaaa!! xxx'
Other ways of bumming include mysteriously laughing at someones abysmal joke, or exerting extreme physical contact onto those who you wish to bum (this may sometimes occur when drunk, in which case it is not bumming)
WARNING - attempting bumming can result in serious loss in respect.
"did you see how much jeffery was bumming soph last night?"
"yeah, what a mess"
by kingapin1 November 13, 2010
During online gameplay on the Xbox 360 game 'Halo' - variations of which can be researched separately - an odd phenomenon often occurs in which both yourself and your enemy kill eachother in the same instance. It is a quite unique feature of the alien-themed battle-game, and is usually both hugely frustrating and hard to explain, in equal measures.
Therefore, lo and behold, 'the doubler' was coined. This phrase makes it easy to tell one's teammate of your unfortunate end, and marvel at how clearly you meleed first.
James 'FUCK'
Nigel 'whats up'
James 'only the bloody doubler again. and i clearly shot him in the face more than he got me'
Nigel 'the doubler, huh? typical. teabag him next time if you get the chance'
James 'naturally'
by kingapin1 January 05, 2011
A word used to end a conversation in which a participant 'went too far' in a subject, anecdote or shared joke.

For instance, a member of the group may divulge certain graphic details of a sexual encounter. This can often lead to a dumbfounded silence in which the group will try to shrug off the lurid fantasies and visions.
At this point, someone must interject with a well-timed '...imagery'. This dispels any tension that may have gathered, and allows the group to laugh it off, before regaining their previous banter form.

It is at this point that i must point out that this word cannot be used by females, as their grasp on banter and comic timing are dreadful.

The word imagery must be articulated with 4 syllables, and must be said slowly and with a sarcastic intonation : im-ag-er-y.

This word can also be used in conjunction with a joke that has been taken too far :
by kingapin1 November 18, 2010
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