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small erea of a womans body located in the pussy area that makes girls orgasm hard as fuck.
i tickled you mothers cliterus and blew out my eardrums listening to her scream.
by king tut August 14, 2003
(Adj.) A woman that is so hot she makes your eyes water. She is beautiful with a perfect body that makes men fall in love with her after just one look. She is the life of the party and a sexual animal in bed. A very rare find in the animal kingdom and even harder to hold onto if you should ever catch one.
Damn, that girl is debralicious, she is so fine I can't see straight. I can't believe that dumb ass Bruce lost that girl.
by King Tut February 08, 2006
1) a man who says "i'll see" ALOT 2) has a fixation and often dissapears on long weekends with his dog 3) a man with a very putrid scent

by King Tut May 31, 2003

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