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12 definitions by king slim

King Slim, the greatest person to EVER live.
King Slim is the most kick ass person to ever live! All Hail King Slim!
by King Slim August 10, 2004
10 18
A dumbshit wrestler who sucks off Triple H and Ric Flair while Batista nails him in the ass
see butt fucker, butt brigade
Randy Orton gets gangbanged by Evolution after RAW every week!
by King Slim August 10, 2004
177 191
1. One of the baddest motherfuckers of all time.
2. A really kick ass cool dude nicknamed Slim, but later dubbed himself King Slim because his ego is bigger than Mount Everest.
3. Egomaniacal founder of Sonic Death Monkey Entertainment and creater of his still-untitled cartoon.
3. See cocky, arrogant, cool, kick ass, swell, etc.
4. Self-proclaimed King of the World (see definition 2 of The King of the World)
5. Lead singer of his own band King Slim's Kick Ass Band
Anonymous Boy: I wish I could be like King Slim. King Slim is the baddest motherfucker of all time!

King Slim is the King of the World
by King Slim August 10, 2004
14 28
Capital: Paris, 48°52′N, 2°19.59′E
Official Language: French
Demonym: French

Government: Unitary semi-presidential republic
- President: Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP)
- Prime Minister: François Fillon (UMP)

- French State: 843 (Treaty of Verdun)
- Current constitution: 1958 (5th Republic)

EU Accession: March 25, 1957

- Total: 674,843 km² (40th), 260,558 sq. mi

Population: 64,473,1405 (20th)

World's leading exporter of faggotry.
Contrary to popular belief, France's greatest contribution to the world has not been art, cuisine, or wine. It has, in fact, been faggotry.
by King Slim July 10, 2008
41 88
(n). A homosexual male. Taken from the word 'bonfire', a flaming pile of sticks. A pile of sticks can also be called a faggot. A bonfire is a flaming pile of sticks, or a flaming faggot. Bonfire = Flaming Homosexual.
You butt pirates are a bunch of bonfires!
by King Slim August 10, 2004
43 129