2 definitions by king louie

'One mans craziness, is another mans reality'

Louie is a very unique individual. There have been plenty of people who have attempted to imitate the King and failed horribly. Louie's body is able to intake massive amounts of alcohol with ease. Also, he could possibly be one of the funniest people ever. He is considered a God among men and magnificent man beast for the ladies.
Guys: Here comes King Louie with his awesomeness.

Ladies: Oh my god, here comes Louie! Does my hair look ok?
by King Louie February 28, 2008
The effect of choosing to buy the larger bottle of alcohol.
"All these niggas fallin an stumblin around knockin shit over. Damn the Big bottle effect" "You see will and cloey last night?, They got the big bottle effect an were leanin like mutha f***ers all over the place"
by king louie April 30, 2013

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