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A bittersweet recognition offered to another person who has acheived something that deserves good will and praise but nonetheless fills you with a degree of sadness for the achievment's not being in line with your own selfish wants.
Congratalamentations on getting that girl i had a crush on's number.
by king kong NINJA October 13, 2006
a word used to convey nervousness, resignation, and/or excitement. Brought to popular useage by character on Thundercats whose phrases consisted largely of snarfles and the occasional word.
but panthro, snarfle snarfle, it's snarfle dark in there snarfle snarfle
by king kong NINJA April 19, 2004
an adjective meaning homosexual.
dude, that shirt is pretty eggnog latte
by king kong NINJA April 20, 2004
a euphimism for the menstrual period of a woman. similar in that it leaves destruction in its wake and can make those opposed to it feel like they have a cachet of nuclear weapons pointed at them at all times.
no i've been pretty nice to her this weekend. the red army's on the march and i don't want to stir up any wrath.
by king kong NINJA April 20, 2004
the whole subculture is at best a misguided resignation to irony and at worst a conscious attempt at absurdist elitism.
That hipster over there is laughing for all the wrong reasons at Blazing Saddles.
by king kong NINJA October 12, 2006
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