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A nammer is an asian-looking female or male which likes to wear expensive clothing. These people are usually vietnamese, chinese or filipino. The "nammer chicks" usually wear TNA, Bebe or BebeSport, aritzia, gucci, coach, versace and other expensive clothing. The "nammer dudes" usually wear Armani Exchange, Versace, Louis Vutton pouches, and Gucci. Both nammer men and women carry weapons with them. They either carry a machete or a meat clever. The men always has expensive, nice cars to impress the girls. They always have nice cell phones to show it off. Usually they have a BlackBerry. And if they deal with drugs, they jsut buy any chep cell phone for their customers.

The girls appear such as to the following:
1. Layered hair, dyed platinum blonde, or blonde
2. Blue contacts
3. Expensive clothing and accesories
4. Has boyfriends which spoil them and gets then everything they want, not need.

Now, the men appear such as to the following:
1. Bangs dyed with the colours blonde
2. Mohawk, cut or gelled
3. Wears expensive clothing
4. Has a girlfriend which they spoil with everything they want.

The nammers always do, which they call, "nammer squats." The nammer squat is when you squat down anywhere. Your ass is about 1 or 2 inches off from the ground. Nammers usually do this while smoking, drinking or just chilling and talking to their friends. Nammers are not usually trouble-makers, they only fight when they now its right to. They NEVER fight alone, they always have back-up with them incase anything happens to them. The guys have their ear - peirced on the left side. Usually its one on the bottom and the other on the top. Don't ever try to get into a fight with a nammer, its dangerous you could get yourself KILLED.
"yo girl check out that nammer dude over there, he's lookin fly."
"yo man check out that nammer chick over there, she lookin hot."
by kimmy kim December 02, 2008

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