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Those who survived the mcr mind fuck,

it lasted about four days

and it was when my chemical romance's changed there official page and put a strange tv in its place,

many my chemical romance fans, gathered on there facebook page and speculated on album releases,
they can also be called mcr zombie

they sacrificed many hours of there lives and can be distinguished by the band t-shirts and red tired looking eyes
september soldier 1:i think the tv is a clue to there new album!
september soldier 2: i can't waaait!
by Kimbocat September 08, 2010
i have seen that most people have a low opinion of emos
which is unfair,how many of those people know any?

i have no opinion of them,so thiswill be fairer,
most of them are kids about 14-19 who are sad,they feel life is kind of cruel (which it can be) and then find something amazing, music

they will listen to it compulsively and the songs will explain how exactly they feel.

i dont believe the music genre "emo" exists
but some types of music make links to different groups of people MCR ARE NOT EMO

there clothing style is different but i like it

a girl/boysho dressesin black with a splash of colour

they have given up fitting in and want to be different
compulsively listens to music

this is what a Emo is
by kimbocat December 24, 2009
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