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3 definitions by kimbo slice aka ed hardy

When some one who is close to you and you have known for a while makes a decision that completely ruins the relationship in mere seconds.
Tim: When Seth won the lottery I knew he would give me a cut of the money.

Seth: Tim who????

Larry: Damn, Tim got Lebron'd.
by kimbo slice aka ed hardy July 08, 2010
135 24
The Pronunciation of the word taco made famous by NBA player DJ Mbenga
Kobe: Man after the game I want some tacos

DJ: Go to Daco Bell
by kimbo slice aka ed hardy February 01, 2010
35 4
A group of socialites whose day end at school by unwinding to some Japanese comics or animation. Primarily dudes whose wretched stench fill the room with a bitter odor. Females also included but their slim chances of getting a husband is one of the guys in anime club
by kimbo slice aka ed hardy January 09, 2010
40 28