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1 definition by killthechavs!

An extremly modern bullpup rifle that has had a cursed beginning from the start, but in its new incarnation, is probably the best overall gun in the world. the SA80A2 out compeats its nearest contender, the G36, with a higher muzzel velocity, greater range and greater accuracy. the original version was cocked up progressivly by Margret Thatcher (well, what do you expect from a woman?) and experienced a whole truck load of problems that were exaggerated to an extent but have now hopefully been ironed out. having fired both the SA80A2, the G36 and the M16 i would rate it higher than anything the yankees or germans can pull out of their backsides
hey, lets shoot Margret Thatcher with these new SA80s!
by killthechavs! August 30, 2005
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