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Ususlly a blank sheet of paper with a hole cut in the center. It implies that the paper is a portable glory hole and that the applicant is going to have to perform sexual favors to get the job. Alludes to the act of applying for a job at a strip club.

Also used as an insulting way of telling someone to get lost or that they are pissing you off and are not going to get what they want.
Joe: My ex came over to my house yesterday and wanted to get back together.

Dave: What did you do?

Joe: Gave her the Job Application then told her to fuck off.

Dave: hahahaha!
by killersbytrade May 10, 2010
Turning the nozzles on your car's windshield washer around so that it sprays other cars when activated. Specifically, this applies to spraying it in the face of another driver.
Ed: You shoulda seen it! I pulled up beside this yuppie in a convertible and turned up my stereo. When he turned and tried to stare me down My carjaculation hit him right in the face!
by killersbytrade April 03, 2009
When too many items on a sandwich such as tomatoes, lettuce and mayo cause the meat to slide off the sandwich resulting in total sandwich destruction.
Todd bites into his sandwich, the meat falls out the back and the remainder of the sandwich crumbles in his hands.

Frank-"Woah! tectonic meat slippage. Better get a fork, Todd"
by killersbytrade January 31, 2010
A complete and total dismissive of a person, idea or situation. Can be used to tell someone to get lost or that you really don't care about a certain subject.

Salesman: "I'm selling widgets"
Joe: "I don't want one"
Salesman: "If I could just have a minute-"
Joe: "Go take a flying fuck on a rolling doughnut" (slams door)

Joe: "Sorry I'm late, there was a traffic jam"
Boss: "I don't give a flying fuck on a rolling doughnut what there was, you better have your ass here on time from now on!"
by killersbytrade May 14, 2010
A sense of the reasonableness of life, accompanied by a feeling of peace found beyond the normal lines of one's understanding of peace and tranquility.
Joe: what's Ernest been smokin'? He always seems like he's asleep with a goofy grin on his face and everytime I talk to him he gets all cryptic.

Amanda: Ernest ain't smokin' he is in a state of transquality, man. If he ever comes back, maybe he'll explain it to you, if you're even capable of understanding.
by killersbytrade June 11, 2010
One who sneaks about at a party, slipping rohypnol (roofies) into peoples' drinks to try and see who will succumb to its effects and then make an attempt to get lucky with that unlucky person. Usually a roof fairy is a loser who can't get laid without drugging someone.
Bill- Hey Joe, what's the matter? you look like shit!
Joe- Man, I got visited by the roof-fairy at the club last night. I wanna kill whoever did that!
by killersbytrade August 18, 2009
When one idiot driver at a stop sign is so afraid of oncoming traffic that they won't budge and it causes a long line of cars to back up, resembling sausage links.
Tom: Can you believe this @@#$%!?
Ed: (honking) Go you idiot! It's been clear both ways for a full minute!
Joe: (just pulling up to the end of the line) Crap, I'm late and it's another Stop Sign Salami because that fool in the minivan won't go!
by killersbytrade April 02, 2009

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