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A website that, contrary to the name, is all junk. It is riddled with prepubescent, pretentious, homophobic, misogynistic, fascist boys. They praise cats (they haven't been funny for the past 8 years), Freddie Mercury (though none of them have ever heard Queen outside of their Greatest Hits), Pokemon (even though everyone on the website was born post 2000) and memes that have been dead for years. They often try to start fights with websites, such as 4chan, Tumblr, and Reddit, because they feel like they are the kings of the internet and they believe that they created all the shitty, dead memes on their website.

You can tell if someone goes on funnyjunk if:
-They are under the age of 13
-They are playing pokemon, listening to Queen's Greatest Hits, wearing a shirt with nyan cat or bacon, or are watching My Little Pony
-They spew out memes constantly IRL, ranging from (but not limited to): Me gusta, U mad?, I troll you!, Poker Face, and My mind is full of fuck
-They are always the first to throw insults and only seem to know words like faggot and gay
Typical FJ user: hey dude XDXD did u see the front page of funnyjunk today?
Typical person: You mean that website that blows and is never funny? No.
Typical FJ user: F*CK U FAGGOT U R GAY U FAG
by kiljoy96 October 17, 2011

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