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The philosophy, teachings and written text of the singular consiousness, "JayKreezshy." JayKreezshy was formed at the begining of all things and time by the merging of the two entities, "JeezshJayCon" and "KreezshKreeotch." The merge between the two was caused by their parralell thought processes becoming linked by a mutual desire to save energy by uniting forces, while simultaneously ruling all universes with their cosmic powers of the mind.
"I believe everything i am told by people who are smarter than me, that is why i practice JayKreezshwanizshwanism!"
by kileze April 18, 2009
Mr. BallJayngles: a sexual position between two gay lovers or mutual participants in gay acts whereby one man thrusts his hips towards the other man's pelvic region. this action causes the skin of the scrotum to stretch as the testicles slide forward in the sack. the scrotums of the two men then interlock and twirl around eachother until the balls of the men finally collide causing and clanking, jayngeling, or a sharp cracking sound. note: the two participants must be exceptionally gay and also have extremely saggy balls in order for this act to work properly.
Example: "Hi my name is pat. Me and my boyfriend Skylar are going to ass fuck tonight, and if I'm lucky, we might get real hot and do the Mr. BallJayngles!"
by kileze April 18, 2009
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