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another word for cigarettes
wanna give me some straights?
by kilby November 18, 2006
Singular form of Jagon; Alien orafice located somewhere around the shoulder.... may include the gulgamec's
YEAH! now suck my jagar! Now stick your finger in my thresher.
by kilby November 18, 2006
getting a blowjob from a clown
guy 1: dude i just got a mcjob in the alley!

guy 2: shizzle son... is he still there?
by kilby March 24, 2007
a person that doesnt know what group they fall into socially.
what are you?
im a shrug.
by kilby November 18, 2006
nigga with a k added on that isnt silent not like knife.
yous a straight up knigga mate.
by kilby November 18, 2006

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