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This word emerged when the beef between eazy-e and D.r.e was at its peek in the early 90's compton. Someone who think he a gangsta but he a loudmouth wanksta that cant even front for his baby sister.
I shoulda murked that bitchnigga Shaun Bukusi! That ugly ass mothafucka think he a hot boy! I'll murk that dark child!
by kikuyumacheteslayerz February 19, 2005
This term emanates from the southside Atl with extensive use from Lil Jon and the eastside boys first LP and Lil scrappy. Basically means someone of african heritage best known for running his mouth and frontin but when worst comes to worst and another nigga pull a gat he tha fastest mothafucker to his heels. Also means a person that fronts a gangstalean but the closest thing in his pocket to a gat are some tic tacs.
Damn that holmes pulled a Shaun(Shaun Bukusi) on us. That pussynigga shaun Bukusi is a puto.
no seas puto shaun bukusi. Dont be a pussynigga like shaun Bukusi.
by kikuyumacheteslayerz March 19, 2005
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