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12 definitions by kikanjuuneko

A (usually short) vocal cue, most commonly used by hardcore bands to announce a breakdown, so the crowd knows when to start moshing.

"Bring it!"

"Don't be a pussy, get hit!"
by kikanjuuneko September 08, 2004
5 2
Derived from the Mel Gibson movie with the same name, the Braveheart is when during a concert (usually of the harder type), the band tells the audience to split up into two sides, one dubbed the English, the other dubbed the Scottish. These sides will face each other, and on some type of cue, usually when the music or a breakdown starts, the two sides will run into each other, causing a giant moshpit to erupt all over the venue.
"That was an amazing Braveheart!" Lou Koller (Sick of It All), Stockholm, 3/4 2004
by kikanjuuneko March 03, 2004
55 56
"Dude, wanna grab a beer and a burger?"
"No, thanks, I'm VSE."
by kikanjuuneko October 28, 2006
3 5
A bodypart that is plagued by far too many piercings for it to be tasteful. Named so because the bodypart resembles a pincushion.
"Hey, did you see that hot dude/chick?"
"Hot? Nah, his/her face had Pincushion syndrome."
by kikanjuuneko November 09, 2006
2 6
When they for some undecipherable reason decide to film the guy's face in a porno. Causes discomfort in sexually insecure men.
"So, the other day, I was watching White Booty Hoes #63, and just as I was about to skeet, some manface popped up. I lost my boner and felt pretty ghey."
by kikanjuuneko January 26, 2006
8 23