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exclammation;exhaltation; wonderment; a sure fire way to start off any sentence...

**sound out each letter ... O-M-G
1. O.M.G! I am not bossy!

2. O.M.G! I'm getting married!!

3. O.M.G, is she really going out with him?

4. O.M.G. This has got to be the most intellectual conversation I have ever had ....

by kikalicious February 26, 2008
to have a conversation on IM... via(AIM, Gchat, MSNchat, etc)
1.Per our IMversation this morning, you said you were going to wear the argyle sox to dinner!

2. Q. Why are you and Martin fighting?
A. well we were IMversating this morning and then he told me he didn't want to talk to me anymore
Reply: I told you two to stop IMversating at work!

3. O.M.G! You got the job?!? congratulations! I knew you could do it. Now first thing to do when you get into the office, load AIM so we can start IMversating immediately!!

4. Its pos that my man def misunderstood me this afternoon during our IMversation. He totes doesn't understand my sarcasm.
by kikalicious February 26, 2008
-abrreviation for the word "seriously"

**sound to rhyme with dear **
I'm getting married!
SER?!?! That's awesome!!

I accidentally kissed your brother.
Ser?? I'm gonna cut you!

I lost 5 pounds.
Ser dog? thats hot!
by kikalicious February 26, 2008
abbreviation for the word "possibly"

Q. Are you seriously going to quit your job?
A. Pos dude, it stinks here!

Q. Do you wanna go to the movies tonight?
A. I don't know, pos, let me check my schedule

statement: I am totally into this dude, but pos he is just playing me like a violin.
by kikalicious February 26, 2008

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