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The real name for "post-modernism"
It's the stage we got to after the "modern" age

Often misnamed the "digital" age, or the "age of information" by academic historians and other pitiful creatures who spend most of their short days trapped in a small room with a computer screen, we often forget that most of the world's population has no access to "digitalism" or even gives a shit about it since they're still worried about getting access to basic medication or food on the table or not dying in some kraut's imperialist wet dream (cheney, bush, reagan, mugabi, obama, putin, and all the world's rich cocksucking warmongers). And I'll be damned if you guys think we have any information worthy enough to name our collective existence after given the present state of affairs.

"Modrenism": (What emerged out of "modernism" )The idea that we have vast amounts of resources to feed and make the world function and use them "rationally" to serve a purpose with the least amount of resources possible.
And so it came to pass that, in the year 2011, at the dawn of the modren age...thirty percent of the population of the USA were self-destructively obese while children on the other side of the world were still dying of malnutrition. We live in ugly shitholes but use most of our metal on making cellphones and copious quantities of cars that are going to A)break down shortly, B) ferry us around to our little appointments with our little lives while we might be better off to chill a bit.

-Billydear, have you seen the new housing developments?
They're so exciting and modren!

-Wow, that's some really impressive modern art!
- modern art was eighty years ago, this is modren art, a deliberate break from the past.
by kidneyswap January 30, 2011
1. Multiple Personality Order is a common response to the largely conflicting views and ambitions pursued by different groups in the world, related to artistic "disinterestedness".

A condition in which the intelligent individual decides to order his or her mind by creating different personas to better associate with the various Single Personality people in the world.

It is often easier to accomplish by giving the different personalities their own ridiculous names to help in the mental transition.

2. A social order, or club, in which the members have multiple personalities, unlike most orders or clubs where everyone dresses the same way, thinks the same way, says the same boring nonsense and even eats the same snacks when they have their coffee breaks.

These are quite rare.

Student: "Hi Class, my name is David Cock, today I will be giving you a presentation on the effective use of arbitrage in the venuzuelan oil industry and the successful use of grassroots movements to overthrow tree-hugging presidents."

Harvard Business Professor: "But you're registered as Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu..."

Student: "I don't know what granola-eating nonsense is spewing from your underfed academic book-reading face, I have to pass your class on corporate sabotage or my dad will beat me, and nothing will stop me."

Classmate: " Oh there goes mother teresa again with her multiple personality order..."
by kidneyswap September 23, 2010
A dubtard is someone who listens to too much dubstep. Dubtarded is the adjective associated to a state of mind in which all normal flow of ideas in english or other language has been replaced by the wobble wobble whomp of dubstep. there are no more words, there is only dubstep. This person is a dubtard.

In a side note; it has the amazing property of killing kraut.
Kyle or anyone who listen to dubstep for an extended period of time would be considered a dubtard. just listen to a dubstep mix, or spin some dubstep for a few hours, or even just go to a show(recommended). You will be a dubtard. You will all be dubtards.
by kidneyswap August 17, 2010
Corp paint, or corppaint is a fake and excessive style of makeup, used mainly by corporations' marketing and PR agencies during commercials and expected to be worn daily by employees in general. The makeup is used mainly to make employees appear superhuman and perfect in an average and plastic sort of way, much like the products they produce.
1. "did you just see that commercial with the happy white family? I think they really overdid the corppaint- even the dog looked like he was done up in it.

2. Before Justin bieber and Niki Menaj took the stage together, they sat in the back rooms while their corppaint was applied.

3. The CEO stood on the podium in front of hundreds of his top-level staff and media people for the annual conference in the bahamas resort, the stress in his tired and old face masked by his corp paint.

4. The woman at the counter stared at me from under her corp-painted face and said: "we have a zero-refund policy, you'll have to speak to my manager about that."
by kidneyswap April 07, 2013
A marriage that is terminated within a short amount of time after consummation, usually with an annulment.

Often a source of regret.
"Did you know that Anna had a mismarriage?"


"Yeah, it was to a self-proclaimed new country singer. It was terminated after the first trimester."
by kidneyswap April 14, 2012
The all-inclusive directory for the modren age

It has gone on to replace oldschool methods like the phone book and the yellow pages and other nonsense like that.

-Hey Garry, you know Jenny right? Do you know where I can find her?
-Nah, just look her up in the facepages


- But Judge, how did the rapist find her home address?
- Well, she was listed in the facepages


The cops broke into the man's house and arrested him after looking through the facepages
by kidneyswap January 30, 2011
A mustache of blood that comes from cutting your face in a horizontal line just above your mouth while shaving.
Oh dude, you were supposed to shave your mustache for the wedding..
not grow a bloodstache

damn, that's a fine bloodstache.
by kidneyswap November 12, 2010

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