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Someone, usually female, who is obsessed with the cuteness of monkeys.
That monkey child is obsessed with the new bonobo at the zoo!
by kidmuto June 27, 2008
a cryptic status message (such as on Facebook or GChat) that does not describe your mood unless coupled with other bits of information.
SA: What's with the strange status message?
EP: You had to have been at the party to get it - it's a statuscatalyst.
by kidmuto July 11, 2008
having had alchohol or any menthol containing substance rubbed on a man's head immediately after shaving it bald. this is typically performed by the barber.
the barber mentholized him right after the cut.
by kidmuto July 25, 2008
The act of passing gas as you walk, leaving a wake of unpleasant smell behind you
Johnny was tailwinding down Park Avenue, much to the dismay of those walking behind him.
by kidmuto April 22, 2010
an adjective used to describe anything that is extremely dorky
that star wars convention was totally dorkaramus
by kidmuto June 15, 2011
to be caused to feel miserable
my boss miserated the hell out of me today
by kidmuto June 08, 2009
the guck that gets flicked out from in between your teeth while flossing, typically landing on the bathroom mirror
if you face me while flossing, you might get your flossflick on me!
by kidmuto October 06, 2008

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