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A new format of CD packaging made of card, "digipak editions" of CDs usually have extra tracks and are limited edition.
"Muse - Hullabaloo: Digipak edition"
"Slipknot - Slipknot: Digipak edition"
"Anathema - The Silent Enigma: Digipak edition"

(thats all the ones I've got but there are loads!)
by kidburla June 02, 2003
The phenomenom whereby you wake up in the morning with a girl who had seemed quite pretty the previous night under the influence of alcohol but now she seems ugly. The idea is that the "magic taxi" came to take her away. Especially used in Southern England.
"..Then I woke up and I was like, oh dear, magic taxi..."
by kidburla June 01, 2003
The phenomenom of being drunk and seeing members of the opposite sex as being more attractive than they actually are. Especially used in southern England.
"Woah man, that chick from last night was butt ugly" "Yeah, I think it was a case of magic bus..."
by kidburla June 01, 2003

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