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Is from "Downriver" Michigan. Everyones loved one sleeps with someone else, leather jackets are a must. wife beaters/tank tops are not seen as wrong (probably worn out to dinner). Jean shorts keep them cool in the summer and are worn when they swim in the river. Downriver white trash have family dinners at hooters, talk about porn with their parents and lose their virginity in high school to someone over the age of 25.
Son: "Mom, dad, can we go out to that fancy dinner place again, hooters?"
Dad: "sure son, let me call my other girlfriend over so we can get some good pictures first, quick go put on a tank top/wife beater/sleeveless shirt and some jean shorts"
Son: "Gee dad you are the best, I'll grab your good flannel shirt and mom's leather pants while im up there."
aww look at the white trash....
by kid rock July 06, 2006

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