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A term used to describe when a piece of software (or music) is completed and written to a master disk (such as a CD-R or a DVD-R) ready to be shipped off for manufacturing. This term is believed to have originated due to the fact that the master CD-R disks used are sometimes a gold colour, and may actually contain 24 karat gold within the reflective layer of the disk. This includes the now discontinued but famous line of Kodak CD-R Gold Ultima media.
"According to Todd Hollenshead, the computer game DOOM 3 went gold on 14th of July, 2004."
by kid gib July 31, 2004
A piece of DVD media that is writable, by using the correct type of computer hardware, like a DVD burner. DVD burning has been used for legal purposes, such as saving personal home video, and illegal purposes, such as pirating computer games and movies.
"Would you like a DVD-R of my daughter's birthday party? I recorded all of it because it was such a special memory."
by kid gib July 31, 2004
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