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Really cool,sweet girl.
Dude,Roisin is so cool.
by kickstand January 09, 2005
To quickly become violent with someone.
That dude looked at my girlfriend,I straight up bombed on his bitch ass.
by Kickstand March 27, 2005
1. A girl that loves to eat at KFC all too frequently.
2. One who exclaims mmmm, gooood shhickennnn while eating it.
She must be a chicken baby, I see her at KFC all the time.
by kickstand October 03, 2003
The next level of the term "turkey's done". When a guy has such a splitting hard on that it hurts, usually from being turned on BIG time from an amazing chickie.
ouch! yikes! ...turkey's burnt from what she said to me!
by kickstand October 23, 2003
1. Sexual act where the female hides a penis inside herself, in any applicable area.
She looks like she would be really great at smugglin!
by kickstand October 04, 2003

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