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Ok this is to every one thinks that emo is all about the cutting and the music and the clothes. Its not! Emo kids are extremlly sensitve and we are not posers! We actuly listen to the lyrics in songs and we don't want to fit into the cheerleader/jock mold. We are ourselveves and that is a good thing. (and you can't say guy on guy ain't just a little hott!) (no offence)
Jock:Hey emo you gonna kill yourself now, huh?
Emo kid:No im not, why would you think that?
Cheerlaeder(holding on to jocks arm and giggling like th air head she really is) Well isn't that what you do?
Emo kid:OK then. If you think that then you really are an airhead poser! God, don't be stereotypical.\
Cheerleader to Jock: ummmmmm... what does ster-eo-ty-pi-cal mean??
Jock: i dunno but let's get out of here and have sex in the back of my corvette.
Cheerleader:OK "giggle"
by kick ass emo April 27, 2006

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