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It's when a hot girl is very fuckable.
She is definitely a hotfuck!!!
by KHDT October 14, 2010
He may be a dynamic guy, he may be a handsome guy and he may be a very clever little white boy. But when it comes down to his streetness or flexibleness, he ain't got that much to say!
"What up?"
"That girl is very goodlooking!"
"As if..."

He just made a Giessing.
by KHDT October 06, 2010
It's the opposite of swag. It means he's got no steeze or style.
He's got a serious swaglag!
by KHDT October 06, 2010
Girls who are willing to take the shot from a mans weapon. The girls are often slutty and not very hard to get in bed with. Other names for a spermtaker: jizzeater and cumdumpster.
Myself: Are we gonna score some chicks tonight?
Friend: For sure, we're gonna take home some spermtakers!
by KHDT October 05, 2010
It's when a girl got a piece of metal in her vagina. It turns almost every guy on and gives her a bit of mystique.
by KHDT October 06, 2010
It's when small boys buy New Era caps and don't take the fucking authentication sticker off because they thinks it looks shiny and adds expensiveness to their new buy.
"Look at that little kid running with his new New Era cap!"
"Fifty fuck..."
by KHDT October 06, 2010
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