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2 definitions by khartman

Due to the rarity of a panda, this term refers to someone who has a white upper half and a black lower half. The two most rare and admirable traits (usually).

For men, an attractive white girl with a big ass.

For women, an attractive white male (with a secure financial future and possible trust fund) and a big dick.
We're going to that new club to go Panda Hunting , it's a little sketchy but I'm gonna make some bitch call me Steve Irwin
by khartman January 27, 2009
58 14
A reference to Chewbacca, a Star Wars character, who was very tall.

It is a very, very large bong.
Stop laying on the couch like Han Solo and help me hit chewbongka.
by khartman February 11, 2009
24 5