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To actually laugh out loud. Due to the common usage of 'lol' for situations with only brief elements of humour, alol has become necessary to signify to someone when you actually laughed out loud
<Jack> And then mum walked in
<Jill> alol
by KH January 15, 2004
High quality marijuana that has recieved no pollen from a male plant, therefor it has no seeds and a higher THC content.
I picked up some dank sinsemillia marijuana cigarettes when I got out of work. I got so high I ate all the food in the house.
by KH March 03, 2004
A cross between a spiderman, and a donkeypunch...

So you're having anal sex. Just before you cum, you (the giver), punch the reciever in the back of the head. Their ass muscles tighten, increasing the sensation. Cum once inside, then quickly pull out and nut in your hand. The reciever will turn around, and as they do, slap them across the face with your man go, whilst screaming "Go Web, Go!". Finally, adopt your finest superhero pose, and don't move until you're finished soaking up the glory
I donkeyman'd your mum!
by KH April 04, 2005
he is a fucking RAPE ROBOT.
Killhamster raped me in my sleep and laughed about it.
by kh February 16, 2005
1.otherwise know as "survival of the fittest"
2.Socially, natural selection argues that the best and fittest society would be one where its' individuals look out only for themselves and would advance themselves, if possible, at the expense of others. It would even destroy others if possible. Thus barbarianism is demanded by natural selection with the destruction of the weak and the free domain of the powerful. It demands total annihilation of anything weaker than necessary and the ruling of anyone more powerful than others
3.discourages vaccines, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools for the disabled
4.encourages events like the ruthless takeover of the Native Indians of North America, and the destruction of the Jews in the Holocaust
5. Name all who kill as better
The world is full of interdependence and it makes natural selection unthinkable. How did lungs form if lungs are necessary for our lives from the start? How did we reproduce if it took millions of years for our reproduction systems to evolve? Reproduction was necessary for survival but how could natural selection create this? One sex had to exist before natural selection would bring another sex into existence. How did the first sex get there and how did reproduction take place while the other sex was forming? Or, are we to believe that they just both formed independently perfectly suited for one another?
by kh March 24, 2004
Really cool, also used if you are sick of the word "cool"
That purse is so speel
by KH February 26, 2003
the mad is a indira
by kh March 02, 2003

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