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A girl or boy (no one really can tell) who's hair can be many shades of ginger. Pamboys can be found hibernating or, when in their natural habitat, hunting for alcohol and unfortunate unsuspecting victims, usually men. Pamboys are not dangerous in normal circumstances but when harassed may become feral as they are territorial. Pamboys usually eat out of bins. So if your area is inhabited by Pamboys make sure you take the necessary precaution: Ensure your bins are locked at night, if you fail to do this you may find a den of Pamboys invading your garden. Pamboys can be a pest as they will often live with wild birds such as crows and vultures. They might steal your vegetables too. When angry the male Pamboy may become aggressive and shit on your porch during the night. To calm the Pamboy, it is imperative to play thrashing beats such as Slipknot. Please be careful as nobody wants a Pamboys shit on their porch.
My garden is infested with Pamboys and they wont stop breeding and I cant control the shit level. I need to call the exterminator
by kgee and jebz December 28, 2011

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