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13 definitions by kg

originating from turn of the century scotland it means gay man/one who slings it up the gary glitter
davie the man who carries the invisible buckets of sand taylor
by kg December 27, 2004
5 1
Oral Sex to a male
"She went down and gave me a twirly"
by KG August 30, 2003
69 68
A Humper Nickle, is a hooker from Nova Scotia Canada.
Female slut from Nova Scotia Canada
by kg September 02, 2004
4 4
The best team in the NBA with MVP KG, Troy Hudson, and Wally. Timberwolves are just unlucky everytime it comes to playoffs...
The Timberwolves just whooped on that teams ass. Totally embrassed them.
by KG April 29, 2003
10 11
A word used to describe the mountain on the terrorist right side of the map Abandonded. It is a popular camping spot for CaUtIoN and was named by OVERLORD.
I'm going to go on Banajia and camp like a wussy.
by KG August 13, 2004
3 5
can be used to describe how bad u need to take a dump or can refer to something like breathe
man get away, u got kaki breathe

i need to take a major kaki
by kg March 02, 2004
12 20