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3 definitions by kezy12

The act of making an incredible catch, most notably a catch of a football. Refers to the amazing superbowl XLII catch by David Tyree.
Did you see that amazing catch on sportscenter today?

Yeah, he really Tyree'd that one!
by kezy12 February 16, 2008
7 2
A shot that is comprised of 1/2 Wild Turkey Whiskey and 1/2 tequilla. Salt and limes are optional.
Man we got drunk last night! We were playing dice at the bar and took about 10 shots of Turquila!
by kezy12 November 29, 2009
4 1
The act of drinking so much that blackout is enevitable. This act usually is the result of a overly stressful week of classes or work. It is usually done on a Friday night.
Man, this was a shitty week... I had four exams, my gf broke up with me, and work was a bitch! I'm definately time-travelin' tonight!
by kezy12 February 16, 2008
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