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The act of making an incredible catch, most notably a catch of a football. Refers to the amazing superbowl XLII catch by David Tyree.
Did you see that amazing catch on sportscenter today?

Yeah, he really Tyree'd that one!
by kezy12 February 16, 2008
A shot that is comprised of 1/2 Wild Turkey Whiskey and 1/2 tequilla. Salt and limes are optional.
Man we got drunk last night! We were playing dice at the bar and took about 10 shots of Turquila!
by kezy12 November 29, 2009
The act of drinking so much that blackout is enevitable. This act usually is the result of a overly stressful week of classes or work. It is usually done on a Friday night.
Man, this was a shitty week... I had four exams, my gf broke up with me, and work was a bitch! I'm definately time-travelin' tonight!
by kezy12 February 16, 2008

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