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70 definitions by keyshaw

(n) a set or large breasts, such that they fill out a woman's shirt nicely.
Man, that heet sure has a shirtfull! I want to shoot a load right on those puppies!
by keyshaw September 15, 2004
n. Any event or locale where males significantly outnumber females. See penis party, sausage party, sausagefest, Georgia Tech.
Anything involving physics, computers, or engineering; strip clubs, whackass clubs.
by keyshaw January 01, 2005
(n) See cell phone or pager.
Dude, your bitch keeps calling you! That cell phone is nothing but an electronic leash!
by keyshaw July 09, 2004
Slang term meaning 'nothing'. Can also mean 'anything' if a double negative is used.
See bugger-all, shit-all, cock-all.
1. You've done dick-all since you got here!
2. That idiot doesn't know dick-all!
by keyshaw June 10, 2004
(n) Caribbean/West Indian term meaning ass or bum.
Me gah beat ye bati in basketball.
- I'm going to beat your ass in basketball.
by keyshaw September 15, 2004
(adj) S.U.B.A.R. Stands for Stuck Up Beyond All Recognition.
Especially prevalent amongst brown bitches, such as Desi Princess Trash.
That Bitch is so SUBAR.
by keyshaw August 11, 2004
(n) A game played during recess invented by children in a Markham, Ontario Canada elementary school in the late 1980's.
An old soda pop can is kicked amongst the participants. If it goes between your legs, the other children are free to kick and beat on you until you run to a designated "safe" spot.
Here's and old can! Let's play some salade!
by keyshaw May 04, 2004