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(n) Short for Hairy Man Ass. Generally referred to in pornography reviews.
Gangbang flicks are becoming increasingly unpopular due to the proliferation of HMA on the screen.
by keyshaw May 14, 2004
n. Lesbian sex. So named because it contains no 'meat' (ie. Penises)
I normally don't go for veggie action in porn, but that scene was hot!
by keyshaw October 05, 2004
(adj.) Literally, to coax jizz out of a man's balls. Used to describe a thing or person that is hot.
'Man, these are some jizz-inducing pics!'
by keyshaw May 05, 2004
(n) See cell phone or pager.
Dude, your bitch keeps calling you! That cell phone is nothing but an electronic leash!
by keyshaw July 09, 2004
Slang term meaning 'nothing'. Can also mean 'anything' if a double negative is used.
See bugger-all, shit-all, cock-all.
1. You've done dick-all since you got here!
2. That idiot doesn't know dick-all!
by keyshaw June 10, 2004
(n) a set or large breasts, such that they fill out a woman's shirt nicely.
Man, that heet sure has a shirtfull! I want to shoot a load right on those puppies!
by keyshaw September 15, 2004
(n) A male who releases unusually large amounts of semen during ejaculation.
See Peter North.
In this movie, Sunrise Adams teams up with the loadmaster, Peter North.
by keyshaw May 12, 2004
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