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you don't necessarily have to wear faggoty scene clothing and chop up/dye your hair 20 times a year to be scene; it's more of a mindset you develop with the help of the rest of america's characterless youth in a subconscious effort to "find yourself"
upon reaching a certain level of retardation, the clothes, piercings, makeup, hair, and shows seem to happen by themselves
curiously enough, though, scene kids still seem to dig up enough literacy to use massive amounts of periods and use long words plus the suffix "-ly" (e.g monoglacorifically, pacifistically, etc)
once you become scene, your focus in life is usually "finding the perfect boi/gurl" or the next person you make out with

a scene kid does not always like dinosaurs and stupid hairties, but only because they want to find something more hXc to like. chances are it's laying in the middle of the road or taking 50 pictures of themselves with fake grillz. by the time scene kids realize that these actions, too, are unoriginal, they will either move on to making out with more people, or making out with more people. this is only the case if the said scene kid is sXe; if not, replace making out with having sex

scene is usually never just scene, making it somewhat difficult to recognize and easy to defend. it is commonly mixed in with prep, skater, slut, hardcore, or punk
if you realize you are scene, you have every reason to hate yourself, but most scenesters are above even that because "emo is so damn overrated." scenesters tends to make very lethal threats such as "i hope you get run over by an ice cream truck" or "go die"

a typical scene kid loves conor oberst to hell and back and is consequently madly in love with bright eyes.
also tends to like gravy train!!!! and scary kids scaring kids
does not necessarily like panic! at the disco, but only because it is not hardcore or original enough anymore
in early stages of scenesterdom, a scenester will admit to liking fall out boy, panic, and taking back sunday. in later stages, they will tell everyone they like random underground bands to mask their true tastes.

common scene kid words:

hella x: hey bebz. <3

dancing urine: go away. i fucking hate you.

hella x: uhm. why?

dancing urine: ugh.

dancing urine: you listen to hollywood undead? what a fuckin poser.

hella x: well. :/

hella x: damnit, your music isn't any better, fagt.

dancing urine: wtfk, of course it is.

dancing urine: i like the glasscakes, five rhythms, j u n i p e r, and exnalgine. all my friends do too.

hella x: hmm. never heard of any of them before.

dancing urine: well. youre a lozr then. me and my bestie went on myspace and searched for afrobeat music and now we're totally hooked. we downloaded one song from each of them. mm. i lovahz me some afrobeat.

dancing urine: ... anyway i thought i told you to go the fuck away, cunt.

dancing urine: hmm. my boyfriend just got here. we're going to go hairdye shopping.

dancing urine: why dont you go play in traffic.

dancing urine: kthxbai.
by kewlbeanz July 30, 2006

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