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A place in mid-state New York, where there are so many white people, It is a very RACIST town, void of black people. There is only about 1 black family. If you're coming up to drive in this crappy town, and you blink, you will miss it. It's filled with hill billies, and many posers, VERY low class people, and many douche bags. You would never want to move there. It's filled with white trash, and people who think they're everything. If you lived here for only 3 days. you would want to move FAR AWAY, from Saint Johnsville. So, if your parents considering moving here, you should convince them to do something else.
Poser from Saint Johnsville, New York: "Hey Man!"

guy: "Hey! Where you from?"

Poser: "Saint Johnsville!"

guy: "Oh well, uh, I have to go, bye bye."
by kewlbeans March 07, 2011
A town in New York, about 47 miles from New York City. The town is very small, but they have really good food. It's not true about what people say about us, we are not all, druggies, filled with std's, and guidos. Yes, if you say things, we might overreact, but you learn your lesson to not say things. There might be a lot of rich people, but it doesn't mean we think about ourselves all the time. It's not true that we are uneducated people. Yes, this might be a boring place sometimes, but most of the people here are friendly, if your nice to them. It's not Upstate New York. It's right next to Poughkeepsie, and Westchester. Not to far from the city, we have an nice lake, and we have nice houses. A lot of people actually tell us we're really cool people. We actually have cool accents (New York City/New Jersey accents) So it's not true what people say about us.

We actually have experience.
Guy from Mahopac, New York: "Hey bro, what's up?

Other guy: "Hey Man, where you from?"

Guy from Mahopac: "Mahopac, New York!"

Other Guy: "Cool! I've heard good things, and bad things about you guys, but I personally think you guys are really cool!"

Guy from Mahopac:"Thanks Bro!"
by kewlbeans March 07, 2011

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