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Laughing my butt off. A less dramatic version of LMAO.
I fell off the cliff and died.
by Kevin January 18, 2005
Ghetto form of true, indeed, yep, I concur, I agree, that's true
Person One: Yo, dis shit is da bomb for sheezy

Person Two: True dat!
by Kevin February 16, 2004
Contraction of "shit" and wasted" used to charcterize someone who is wasted^2.
Man, I got so shwasted last night, I couldn't even feel my face.
by Kevin December 04, 2004
an abundance, phonetic spelling of the french 'beaucoup'

usu. used in the southern US

Also spelled buku
I make bookoo bucks.
by Kevin December 01, 2003
A being superior to others financially, socially, and intellectually. Attends Cherry Creek High School, and makes six figures look like pocket change.
Man I wish I was a creeker, then I could be better than everyone.
by Kevin April 26, 2005
1. The next game in the Grand Theft Auto game series. It is a satire of California set in the early 1990's. You play as Carl "CJ" Johnson, a black man from Los Santos (Los Angeles) who returns back to his home city to attend his mother's funeral. However, CJ is dragged back into the gang life that he tried to run away from 5 years earlier. Players get to visit the aformentioned Los Santos, as well as San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturra (Las Vegas, which technically isn't in California, but Rockstar Games felt obliged to include it, if only to shut up the assholes who wanted the next GTA to be in Vegas), as well as all the backcountry in between. Many improvements have been made over Vice City, the last GTA game such as improved graphics and targeting, a much larger play area, more character customization options, and at long last, the ability to swim. GTA: San Andreas is bound to blow every game that copied the last two games right out of the water.

2. A fault line that runs beneath the state of California. It is responsible for all the devastating earthquakes that have rocked California for the last several million years.
1. As if California wasn't crazy enough, Rockstar Games is going to make it look even more bizzare, as they always do.....and piss off shitloads of soccer moms, Jesus freaks, gays, minorities, etc. in the process, as they always do.

2. The San Andreas fault line will ultimately beat all the street gangs and liberals in the race to destroy the state of California.
by Kevin July 26, 2004
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