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Japanese celebrity with the voice an angel, the body of some kind of fucking Greek god, and the personality of that ex-boyfriend you dumped after walking in on him having a drunken orgy in your bed without you. He used to be part of a band, then later started flying solo in 2010. Likes to believe that he can speak English, also pretends to know jackshit about acting. He has a gorgeous voice though, as well as rabid fans who will claw out your eyes if you say different. He's most definitely bisexual, and mostly probably gay, despite his tendency to dress like a homeless busker on crack.
1) Jin Akanishi held a concert in L.A. last year.

2) After that one nude photo shoot, the word 'eggplant' became synonymous with the words 'Jin's dick'.
by keveinkabob December 29, 2011
Misaki; also known as any rich Asian motherfucking bitch who has the guys tripping and falling all over her. Cold, vapid, and airheaded, she likes getting people's hopes up and then smashing them to little pieces. She's hot as fuck though, you'd have to be crazy or gay to not try and hit that. She's also a sucker for expensive shit, and she'll have you throwing cash at her like none other.
When I woke up one morning in a hotel bathroom with a massive hangover and my wallet cleaned out, all my friends told me that this is what I deserved for dating a classic Misaki.
by keveinkabob December 29, 2011
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