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1 definition by kesssss

lebos are like anyone else. i can see how everyone wants to steriotype them and think there all idiots. they ussaly get mistaken for other middle eastern natios so use ur brain before you think. ok some are dickheads and some of them are "fuly sick" but theres alot more that are proberly nicer then you people. evryone has feelings and would u like me to say to u ohh look his a aussie dog or his a fuked up drugo wen u no ur not. so shutup everyone before you speack and use your brain and stop being so narrow minded, and for ur books not every leb is muslem, and the christians eat bacon so wen u no what your talking about then write your shit on here. im leb u dnt see me walking around bashing you aussies. and u cnt tell me if u were ganna bash a couple people u would go by ur self so dnt be stupied friends are friends and ifu aussies were in a fight im sure your friends would help u. So open your minds stop thinking everyone is the same generic person and dnt judge sumone by there cover.
lebs lebos lebanese
by kesssss July 21, 2008