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A portmanteau of aye and yep.

This is in effect a double-yes, which is 100% more effective than a single.
Angus : Hey, Morag, have you got the bag of tatties for the Burns' supper?

Morag: Ayep! And a braw looking haggis tae!
by kerrhoff April 18, 2011
When something goes wrong. Can be used to express anger or disappointment.

Honestly, it's a bit crude, but this translates to 'shag a dog'. It's much the same a 'F**k a Duck', but a dog is more like a human than a duck is, so that's surely less offensive, and shag is a mild version of f*ck.

Therefore is a better fit for family dinner table usage...

Can be extended indefinitely with Popeye-esque "ug" post-fix : "Shuggadug-ug-ug-ug!"
Shugadug! Someone put the empty Margerine tub back in the fridge!
by kerrhoff April 18, 2011
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