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A hippie's drink. consists of light, grass, and lots of hope. Tastes like crap.
Hippie 1: mmmmmm......this hippicola is good crap josh!
hippie 2: that IS crap u tard!
by kepler necbrewski November 29, 2009
to run around showing off a cell phone, i pod, laptop or any other electronic device to every single person in sight.
also describes someone at starbucks who bought a laptop just for their free wi fi and the person that loiters around the electronics section of a store (ex; Wal mart) and shows people around like they work there and know everything about electronics.
Bill: HEY FRANK!!!!! LOOOKKIT MY NEW PHONE!!!!! *waves in face*
Frank: STFU U SPAZZ GAWD WHAT A COMP ROMP... *walks away*
Jose: man, Phil, bill's such a douche...
Phil: naw man, he's a comp romper.
by kepler necbrewski November 28, 2009
someone who takes pride in the horror that is the barf diet (throwing up to become skinny) and actually shows it off to their pals
Kelly: like my rips hunny? *wipes vomit off mouth*
Joe: ummmmmmmm........ are you a barfaholic babe?
by kepler necbrewski November 29, 2009
invented in part by the great show that is codemonkeys, it is a disturbing yet stupidly funny term used to represent a form of an idiot. usually associated with losers. Also really bad stripper in some forms.
Dave: yes Marie, this is all your fault.
Marie: clownhole...
GAWD DALE these strippers are just a bunch of clownholes!
by kepler necbrewski November 29, 2009

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