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Kent Cigarettes, created in 1952 by Loillard, named after the company president, Herbert Kent, were the first smoke to have a filter. Kents became very popular among the rich and famous, includin' the coolest man to ever live, Dino Martin.
We all know that no cigarette was worthy of Dino Martin's use, but Kent Cigarettes was Dino's brand of choice.
by kentsmokerguy December 01, 2006
Dino Martin is the coolest dude to ever walk the face of planet earth. AKA Dean Martin. AKA King of Cool.
All Dinoholics seek to life the Dinolife following the Dinoway set by their Master of Hip, Dino Martin.
by kentsmokerguy December 03, 2006
Dinoemulation is the practice of tryin' to be just like Dino Martin includin' but not limited to his manners of speech patterns, body language, and life style.
Our pallie intently watched a vid of Dino Martin smokin' 'cause he is practicin' his Dinoemulation, tryin' to match the way his idol flicks the ash off his cigarette.
by kentsmokerguy August 30, 2006
A Dinofollower is a pallie who attempts to live their life according to the life principles of the Master of Hip, Dino Martin.
Our pallie having studied the life and teachings of Dino Martin has chosen to become a Dinofollower.
by kentsmokerguy July 16, 2006
Dinolife is livin' in the swingin' manner of the King of Cool, Dino Martin.
My pallie Julien enjoys livin' the Dinolife as a devoted student of the Dinostyle and follower of the Dinoway.
by kentsmokerguy November 19, 2006
Dinosmoking relates to any of the cool ways that Dino Martin had of using his cigarette (ie: the way he lit his smoke, the way he held his smoke, the way he flicked the ash of his smoke, the way he took a draw on his smoke, and the other various ways he played with his smoke.
A pally tried to emulate Dino by practicing Dinosmoking techniques.
by kentsmokerguy July 03, 2006
Kentsmokerguy is another tag for Dino Martin 'cause Dino's smoke of choice was Kent cigarettes.
Our pallie wantin' to emulate the Master of Hip, Dino Martin, calls himself Kentsmokerguy.
by kentsmokerguy July 19, 2006

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