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A small town of 16 000, on Lake of the Woods. It has no shopping and your favourite place to buy clothing is the bargain shop. While walking through Lakeside with a packsack, you are most likely going to get it stolen by a local homeless. The population is half rednecks coming from Minaki, and a quarter are drug addicts or alcoholics. Being in highschool in Kenora, there is never ending drama that usually includes sex partners, or being fat. I may not forget to mention that walking down Matheson your sure to make some new friends that piss on the walls of the dry cleaners. Don't forget to come visit us, we're sure you'll love it!
In Kenora.. "My bestfriend just had a baby!" "How old is she?" "12" "WTF"
by kenorababy December 12, 2010

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