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An Australian slang term for the type of men's urinal found in public toilets and most bars/pubs. Consists of metal backing and trough, and usually the dwelling place of trough lollies.
"No, retard. You can't pick up that trough lolly in the piss trough, it's not for eating".
by Kenny the portaloo man September 22, 2008
An Australian term for a public toilet block which is known to be frequented by homosexual men for sex. Sometimes on the walls of the cubicles there are adverts written in pen about cock size, phone numbers, meeting times and such of the writer. The toilets may also be frequented by poofter bashers. Watch your arse if you go to a public toilet anywhere in the inner-city beachside suburbs of Melbourne, junkies may frequent as well. George Michael is a fan of English public toilet architecture.
Xavier and Stefan were delighted at the opening of the world's largest poof dunny in St. Kilda, designed by George Michael, the world famous poof dunny aficionado. It has 500 cubicles and the world's longest piss trough where multitudes can line up and size up each other's cocks.
by kenny the portaloo man September 22, 2008
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