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4 definitions by kenjamd

A subtle combination of deadly stealth and lovable qualities, often found in persons who are not only cute, but WAY awesome for many other reasons.
Laura and Rose were not only dangerous, they were completely ninjadorable.
by kenjamd April 30, 2010
A drink chiefly consisting of a mixture of a vanilla flavored cola and orange juice. 3 parts cola to 1 part OJ. The resulting flavor closely resembles that of an Orange Creamsicle, but with added cola flavor. It is also often preferable for those of legal age to add vodka.

For best results, pour vodka first, vanilla cola, then orange juice.

This was first discovered using Vanilla Coke Zero.
Barkeep, make mine an Orange Creamsicola this time. Thanks!
by kenjamd April 09, 2009
A child who has grown up wandering from one LAN party to another, very familiar with computer games, LAN connections, and energy drinks.
After her first couple of years as a lan urchin, Natalie was unable to eat pizza without sitting at a computer.
by kenjamd December 06, 2008
Someone who expects the worst of their PEZ dispenser, or always thinks it is half empty
Fred didn't like to share his candy, always being a pezsimist
by kenjamd December 02, 2010