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3 definitions by kendro

when a girl marrys her cousin he is refferred to as her cusband. This is popular in the south
Kendro: Isn't that that chicks cousin
she is kissing ?

Kevin: It used to be. Now Its her cusband.
by kendro July 26, 2005
a combonation of a redneck and hillbilly. Usually like to drink boonesfarm and live in trailors in the south. often have sheep and/or cows as girlfriends.
Lopez: You going down earleville this week
Brooks: Nothing but a bunch of redbillys down there
Anthony: Holla
by kendro June 21, 2005
a yuppy that wants to be a redneck when in the south. they driv etheir fancy saabs and audis to the south , then try to fit in with other and act like they are rednecks. they fill empty bud cans with yuppy orange stollie drinks to fit in.
Billy Bob: that dude brooks is cool. he is a straight up hillbilly keeping it simple
Skegs: man, he got you fooled Billy Bob, he ain't nuttin but a yuppyneck
by kendro June 21, 2005