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A popular system of student run government, and is intended to ensure the rights of the leaders. Its official mathematical formula is (socialism + anarchy)/Kenny. Kenny is the every man for the children(like Joe the Plumber, or anyone named Bob).The fundamental idea of Kenarchy is that governments don't work, so if you combine two things that don't work together, it will actually work. Its a double negative.
Everyone in school has been a lot happier since Kenarchy rose to power.
by Kenarchist May 12, 2009
(W.G.S) The consistent inability of white people to do/understand aspects of African American culture. This includes not understanding rap and hip-hop lyrics, dancing badly to music, and failing at playing funk.
Billy had white guy syndrome (W.G.S) so no one would dance with him at the club.
by kenarchist November 15, 2009

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