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One of countries of Asia beside China and Japan. For 5000 years, RULED by Korean kings and presidents. Has great language called, Korean that allows you to pronounce words that both Chinese and Japanese cannot say.

There is myth that Koreans are desperate for Kimchi, but the reality is absolutely different since some Koreans hate Kimchi for some reasons.

If you are a North Korean, "too bad because of your freaking communist country. lets see how good you can live with your Kim- Jung Il."

If you are a South Korean, "Well... at least you don't have to follow a midget."
Let's try to say "MacDonald" in three different languages!!

First Chinese
- Ma Do No

Second, Japanese
- Ma Gro Na Ri Do

Last, Korean
- Mac Do nal D

Well... true that when some Koreans try to pronounce "sheet", they pronounce as "Shit".
by ken lim May 27, 2008
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