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synonym to yes
Girl: did you cheat on me?
guy: maybe...
by Ken April 30, 2003
Balls or testicles
never mind the bollocks, here's the sex pistols
by Ken December 01, 2002
(v.)One of a very intelligent and cool nature. Often Jewish.
"Wow, he's really smart. He must be a bexley"
"Look at those cool bexleys"
"I wish I were a bexley"
by Ken February 28, 2004
1. Driving fast down the street.
2. Driving a car.
3. wippin and dippin
word created in california city of Oakland
We was smobbin to that breezzy/Girls crib.
by ken December 31, 2003
Said when a beautiful woman is seen. Onomatopoeia. Describing the sound of a sword being unsheathed. Phallic connotation.
Hoowie, look at her!! Schwing!
by Ken December 01, 2002
walking like a girl
Prizm's bitch ass was seen switching around Fenway
by ken April 20, 2004
Also called puki
"cibai puki!"
by Ken December 05, 2003

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